Struts Interview Questions
What is MVC?
What is a framework?
What is Struts framework?
What are the components of Struts?
What are the core classes of the Struts Framework?
Wh at is role of ActionServlet?
What is the ActionForm?
What are the important methods of ActionForm?
Describe validate() and reset() methods ?
What is ActionMapping?
How is the Action Mapping specified ?
Wha t is role of Action Class?
In which method of Action class the business logic is executed ?
What design patterns are used in Struts?
Can we have more than one struts-config.xml file for a single Struts application?
What is the difference between session scope and request scope when saving formbean ?
What are the different kinds of actions in Struts?
What is DispatchAction?
How to use DispatchAction?To use the DispatchAction, follow these steps :
What is the use of ForwardAction?
What is IncludeAction?
What is the difference between ForwardAction and IncludeAction?
Wha t is LookupDispatchAction?
What is the use of LookupDispatchAction?
What is difference between LookupDispatchAction and DispatchAction?
What is SwitchAction?
What if <action> element has <forward> declaration with same name as global forward?
What is DynaActionForm?
What are the various Struts tag libraries?
How to display validation errors on jsp page?
What are differences between <bean:message> and <bean:write>
How the exceptions are handled in struts?
What is difference between ActionForm and DynaActionForm?
How can we make message resources definitions file available to the Struts framework environment?
What is the life cycle of ActionForm?