Spring Interview Questions
How to integrate Spring and Hibernate using HibernateDaoSupport?
What are Bean scopes in Spring Framework ?
What is AOP?
What are the types of Dependency Injection Spring supports?>
What are ORM’s Spring supports ?
How the AOP used in Spring?
What do you mean by Aspect ?
What is Bean Factory ?
What are the ways to access Hibernate using Spring ?
How many modules are there in Spring? What are they?
What do you mean by JointPoint?
What do you mean by Advice?
What is Application Context?
W hat is Significance of JSF- Spring integration ?
What are the types of Advice?
What is the difference between Bean Factory and Application Context ?
What are the types of the transaction management Spring supports ?
What are features of Spring ?
How to integrate your Struts application with Spring?
What are the benefits of the Spring Framework transaction management ?
What is Java Server Faces (JSF) - Spring integration mechanism?
What is IOC (or Dependency Injection)?
What are the common implementations of the Application Context ?
Why most users of the Spring Framework choose declarative transaction management ?
Explain the similarities and differences between EJB CMT and the Spring Framework's declarative transaction
Wha t are the advantages of Spring framework?
How is a typical spring implementation look like ?
When to use programmatic and declarative transaction management ?
What is the typical Bean life cycle in Spring Bean Factory Container ?
How to integrate Java Server Faces (JSF) with Spring?
Explain about the Spring DAO support ?
What do you mean by Auto Wiring?
What are the different types of IOC (dependency injection) ?
What is Spring ?
What are the exceptions thrown by the Spring DAO classes ?
What is SQLExceptionTranslator ?
What is Spring's JdbcTemplate ?
What is DelegatingVariableResolver?
What is PreparedStatementCreator? PreparedStatementCreator:
What is SQLProvider ?
What are the benefits of IOC (Dependency Injection)?
What is RowCallbackHandler ?
What do you mean by Bean wiring ?