EJB Interview Questions
Brief description about local interfaces ?
What is the advantage of using Entity bean for database operations, over directly using JDBC API to do database operations? When would I use one over the other ?
Can you control when passivation occurs ?
What is Entity Bean ?
What are the two important TCP Socket classes?
What technologies are included in J2EE?
What is the difference between EJB and Java beans?
What is EJB role in J2EE?
Tell something about Local Interfaces.
What is Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) container?
Wha t is in-memory replication?
What is Ripple Effect?
What is a Clone?
Wha t are the types of Scaling?
What are the special design care that must be taken when you work with local interfaces ?
Brief description about local interfaces ?
How EJB Invocation happens?
Can the primary key in the entity bean be a Java primitive type such as int?
W hat are transaction attributes?
What is Session Bean?
What happens if remove( ) is never invoked on a session bean?
What is EJB QL?
What is an EJB Context?
What is the need of Remote and Home interface. Why cant it be in one?
How can I call one EJB from inside of another EJB?
Can I develop an Entity Bean without implementing the create() method in the home interface?
Static variables in EJB should not be relied upon as they may break in clusters.Why?
When should I adopt BMP and when I should use CMP?
What are the methods of Entity Bean?
What are the methods of Entity Bean?What is the difference between Container-Managed Persistent (CMP) bean and Bean-Managed Persistent(BMP) ?
What are the different kinds of enterprise beans?
What is Message Driven Bean?
What is abstract schema?
What is local interface. How values will be passed?
What is the difference between JavaBean and EJB?
What is the difference between Message Driven Beans and Stateless Session beans?
What is the difference between find and select methods in EJB?
What happens if remove( ) is never invoked on a session bean?
How does a servlet communicate with a JSP page?
Is it possible to share an HttpSession between a JSP and EJB? What happens when I change a value in the HttpSession from inside an EJB?
How EJB Invocation happens?
What is EJB QL?
The EJB container implements the EJBHome and EJBObject classes. For every request from a unique client, does the container create a separate instance of the generated EJBHome and EJBObject classes?
What are the call back methods in Entity bean?
What are the services provided by container?
Wha t is deployment descriptor?
Can a Session Bean be defined without ejbCreate() method?
What is difference between EJB 1.1 and EJB 2.0?
Does stateless Session bean create() method contain any parameters?
Is Decorator an EJB design pattern?
Can i map more than one table in a CMP?
What is lazy loading?
What is the difference between EAR, JAR and WAR file?
Why does EJB needs two interfaces(Home and Remote Interface)
What is the difference between ejbCreate() and ejbPostCreate
How many EJB Objects are created for a Bean?
What are the optional clauses in EJB QL?
What is EJB server?
What is EJB container?
What is EJB client JAR file?
What is Local client view?
What is Remote client view?
Can I invoke Runtime.gc() in an EJB?
What is EJB architecture(components)?